The Foundation stone of JAMIA ASHRAFUL ULOOM was laid in the year 1937 in the city of Kendrapara in the state of Odisha in India and it continued as a temporary Center for the Memorization of Quran for a few years .It was unfortunately closed for some years and again re-opened in the year 1984 and was started as an Islamic Madrasa. Currently it is registered at Collectorate, Kendrapara under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI of 1860 vide Registration No. CTC/4707/364 of 1986-1987, dated. 22.12.1986 as a full flourished Residential Islamic College. Alhamdulillah by the grace of the Supreme Authority and under the guidance and vigorous efforts of Moulana Md.Farooque Qasmi, a complete and qualitative syllabi of Traditional Islamic Studies comprising of Quranic Studies, Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence along with Reading and Memorization of Quran is been taught in the Jamia. In addition, Secular and Modern Education along with Computer and Vocational Education is also an essential part of the curriculum. The Institution affiliated to the famous Islamic University in the sub-continent ‘Darul Uloom Deoband’ has various departments in its campus with highly experienced teachers bearing good qualifications.

Currently, ` Jamia has separate campuses for both boys and girls with residential facilities only for boys. More than 500 boys mostly coming from very poor families are enrolled in different courses in Jamia. The Institution provides them financial aid including dining and stationary needs. It also runs a campus hospital for the medical needs of the students and the poor and needy people residing nearby. An English-Medium School for the facilitation of Secular Education has also been established adjacent to the Jamia Campus to fulfill the modern and vocational requirements of the community.

In these few years "JAMIA" has indeed managed in achieving its goal so far. Its Alumni are spread all over the country and are leaving no stone unturned in spreading the true word of Allah.

Jamia Ashraful Uloom, located in the state of Odisha which has a very small percentage of Muslim population and is the poorest state in the country, has currently no specific mode of income and runs only on the donations of the local Muslim community. It is indeed the moral responsibility of the Whole Muslim Ummah to support Jamia financially in its progress and development.